Filler migration and reversal

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Filler migration and reversal

Filler migration and reversal

Sometimes filler can seep out of the lip into the skin above the lip. These cases are often easily resolved by applying a little reversal agent to the areas that have unwanted filler.

How do we reverse filler?

Most lip filler used nowadays is made out of hyaluronic acid. The reversal agent is a liquid enzyme (hyaluronidase) that is injected into the areas that need to be dissolved. The enzyme breaks down the filler and basically turns the filler into water. We can reverse filler anywhere in the face, as long as it is a hyaluronic acid filler (such as Restylane or Juvederm.)

How long is the treatment?

We start by numbing the area using a strong topical cream for about 10 minutes. The actual reversal treatment usually take less than 5 minutes.

When do you see effects?

Some patients respond very quickly and see improvement within 2-3 hours. Others may swell a bit and it may take up to 3-4 days to see the full results. Often, we reverse a tiny bit at a time and it may take several sessions, spaced 1 week apart.

Do you have unwanted filler results?

Many patients tell us that they have had unsatisfactory filler results in the past, but they weren’t aware of the option to reverse, so they just waited for months for the filler to break down on its own. Some dislike the way they look as they wait for their face to return back to normal. Reversing is such a quick and easy solution, and we’re happy to help. We offer pressure free, complimentary consultations. We’re here to guide you.

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