What is Baby Botox?

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The Beauty Clinic Baby botox

We are obsessed with Baby Botox. In fact, that is how we treat ourselves and how we try to educate many of our younger patients to approach Botox.

So what exactly is Baby Botox? Baby Botox means that we use less units of Botox than traditionally recommended. It’s great for patients who are just seeing the first signs of aging and are looking to maintain their current look. The amount of units are customized to your specific anatomy, so instead of a harsh, frozen look that’s often associated with Botox, you get a soft, refreshed, natural appearance. The key to delivering amazing Baby Botox is a deep understanding of the face anatomy and a very precise Botox application.

If you have deeply etched lines and wrinkles or have very strong, expressive muscles, Baby Botox may not be an effective treatment choice for you. Traditionally recommended doses will work better in those cases.

Want to learn more about Baby Botox? We’d love to meet you for a free, discreet, informative consultation. Call us today for an appointment 😊 305-882-9439

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