We used a little Botox to enhance this gorgeous girl’s stunning eyes.

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The Beauty Clinic Botox for Eyes

Oldie but goodie 🤩 we used a little Botox to enhance this gorgeous girl’s stunning eyes. Notice how her eyes got a bit bigger, the subtle lifting of her eyebrows, and of course, the smoother skin.

Young faces require an ultra conservative injector who will respect their natural anatomy and predict where their aging will occur. If you are starting to notice wrinkles around your eyes when you smile or squint, that same muscle is also slowly pulling down your eyebrow. We can very easily prevent that downward pull of the eyebrows while ensuring that you look as natural as possible.

We’ve always felt that a younger face is actually more challenging to treat, because the recommended dosages are often “too much” for this group. There is also less “margin of error” on a young face; and a little goes a looooong way. It takes great skill and experience to make someone look “undone.”

Are you seeing the first signs of aging? Botox is commonly the first injectible treatment that people try. We’d love to meet you to give you a detailed, customized plan which keeps your natural beauty untouched. We’d love to help you look your best as you age

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