The consultation

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The Beauty Clinic Consultation

✨The consultation
When we meet with you, we love to hear what your goals are. If you’ve been to our office, you know that we always use our “face diagram” to record every tiny detail of your treatment. When we talk to you, we’re actually analyzing your facial expressions, harmony and symmetry, so that we can create a uniquely personalized plan for you, one that keeps you looking like you. We always recommend the least amount of product necessary to achieve your goal.

Our patients find our honest and thorough initial consultation very informative. We cover:

✅ ways to maintain your current look and prevent wrinkles and aging
✅ ways to reverse aging if it has already occurred (without looking fake)
✅ any areas that concern you (thin lips? forehead wrinkles? We want to help!)
✅ skin evaluation and laser / medical grade product recommendations
✅ anything else you want to discuss 😊 The consultation is always free. A $50 deposit is required to reserve the appointment. The $50 will be applied towards your treatment. Should you decide not to proceed with treatment after your complimentary consultation, your $50 will be refunded. 

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We are expert providers of natural looking facial aesthetic treatments, always striving for results that are subtle and not overdone.

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