Botox is the most common treatment we perform on our patients

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The Beauty Clinic Botox is the most common treatment we perform on our patients

It’s a safe, quick and painless procedure that produces a rejuvenated, natural looking result.
Q: Why do we get wrinkles in the upper face?
A: Because of the muscles of expression. Constantly squinting, frowning, or raising of the eyebrows causes the skin over the muscles to wrinkle. Botox is used to relax those muscles of expression so that they can no longer create those wrinkles.
Our cosmetic injectors believe that with Botox and fillers, a little goes a long way. We follow a conservative approach that our patients appreciate. You should not look like you got Botox done; instead, you should look like a refreshed, enhanced version of yourself.
Q: When should you start Botox?
A: if you see a faint line when you are not expressing (we call this a static line), it’s probably a good time to start Botox with a very conservative injector. Less is more when it comes to a young face. An alternative answer is: start at the age you want to preserve 😁
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