It’s not just for women… men should age gracefully, too! Top 4 reasons to get Brotox

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The Beauty Clinic It’s not just for women... men should age gracefully, too! Top 4 reasons to get Brotox

1. Men’s muscles are inherently stronger. Wrinkles are formed by constantly using the muscles of expression, and expressive people with stronger facial muscles are generally more prone to wrinkles at an earlier age. Placing a little bit of Botox in those strong muscles of the face relaxes those muscles, thereby producing a smoother, more refreshed look.
2. It looks natural. For some reason, there is a strange rumor floating around that men will look fake if they get Botox. Nothing is further from the truth! Our male patients look so natural, sometimes their wives don’t even know they’re getting treated. If properly injected with the correct dosing and placement, men AND women look natural and refreshed, like a better version of themselves.
3. You don’t have to “get it all the time.” What we’ve found from speaking to our male patients is that they don’t want to “have to keep coming back.” We recommend getting Brotox twice a year. If you can get your teeth cleaned twice a year, why not maintain your youthful, handsome looks as well?
4. Women have an edge over men when it comes to covering up skin textural issues or wrinkles – we can use makeup! Men walk around with “naked” skin, even more of a reason for them to take care of their skin, and Botox is an amazing way to keep men looking refreshed.
Thinking about trying Brotox? We’d love to meet you for a discreet, pressure free consultation where we’ll educate you on the benefits of Brotox.
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