Botox on the Crow’s Feet wrinkles

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The Beauty Clinic 🌟Treatment: Botox on the Crow's Feet wrinkles

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🌟Treatment: Botox on the Crow’s Feet wrinkles
🌟How it works: The Botox injection relaxes the muscles around your eyes, to soften and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles
🌟Results: Can be fully seen in 2 weeks
🌟Lasts: Results last 3-6 months
🌟Anesthesia: Topical numbing
🌟Procedure time: 15-20 minutes
🌟Recovery: Little to none
🌟Pain level: Minimal

Remember we are offering amazing new patient specials for our Botox injections: Just $10 per unit!

Come in for your complimentary consultation (305) 882-9439 πŸ’•

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